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Service Request

Please take the time to be as complete and accurate as possible when requesting service. Do not hesitate to call us at 540-527-3783 if you have any questions.

Email, Fax, or Call Us Today to Get Started

  • Completely fill out the coversheet.
  • Documents can be sent as email attachments or faxed.
  • Once form is completed and documents prepared, please either email to, or fax to 540-375-6411.
Download Service Request Form

Important Notes When Requesting Service

  1. Documents: Specifically list all documents to be served including blank forms (e.g. domestic relations) when required.
  2. Name Of Party To Be Served: The name of the party that you provide should be exactly the same as it is on the document(s) to be served. Please state the capacity: individual, partnership, corporation, fictitious, etc. If service is upon a corporation or partnership, please indicate name of partner or officer and title.
  3. Rush: When rush service is needed, please call our office to ensure immediate performance for the requested assignment.
  4. Special Instructions: Any information that will assist us in expediting your assignment should be included. Best time and place to serve, aka’s, etc. should be considered.